Caden climbed in through the kitchen window. In the darkness he reached down, touched the dirty dishes then found the edge of the sink. This was how he snuck into the house when he stayed out past his curfew, so even in the darkness he was very familiar with the path.

Pulling his legs through he rested his muscular 19-year-old body onto the kitchen counter then swung it around. Landing as gently as he could onto the floor, he looked back through the window for Cloe. Cloe had been in the house many times but there was no way that she was going to be able to navigate the window in the dark.

With one hand guiding Cloe onto the sink, Caden looked around at the familiar shadows of the two bedroom, two bath middle class rural home. This was the house he grew up in and he suspected he would still be living there if his mom hadn’t married Derrick.

Caden’s first impression of Derrick was that he might be an OK guy. He even imagined his new dad teaching him how to hunt since it was Derrick’s obsession, but none of that ever materialized. As soon as Derrick moved in, he acted more and more like a dick until eventually he convinced Caden’s mom to kick him out. Caden hated his new dad for that, but that wasn’t the reason Caden and Cloe were breaking in tonight.

Cloe, Caden’s girlfriend was a nymphomaniac in training. At 19, she couldn’t get enough sex from Caden and he loved it. Caden was the first boy that she had ever been with and with his thick seven inch boy cock in her, she had discovered her g-spot. After that, Caden’s cock became like crack to her. She had even once tried to rape Caden while he slept. They had already fucked 3 times that day, so Caden really did just want to sleep.

Cloe wanted sex all of the time so when she got drunk she would mention other guys she would want to fuck if Caden was cool with it. After Derrick’s name didn’t draw her boyfriend’s usual reply of “Fuck no,” Cloe kept mentioning him. It was after a lot of drinking and Cloe’s sixth time mentioning Derrick for the day that she felt the door open. Caden, in a drunken state, had replied “Who wouldn’t want to fuck him? He’s fuckin’ hot.”

As soon as Caden said it, he regretted it. Cloe didn’t ask any follow-ups to his statement and he was grateful for it. Caden was sure that as uninhibited as the alcohol had made him he might have mentioned how many times he had watched Derrick cleaning the yard with his shirt off. Derrick liked to work outside and Caden had decided that the sweat dripping down his gym build body made Derrick look like a guy from a muscle magazine. It was on those days after watching his daddy’s abs for an hour that he would use the memory of his broad manly face and dark wavy hair to jack off.

Having been kicked out though, Caden had no desire to ever see his mother or Derrick again. So it was with some annoyance when within a short time after Caden’s admission, Cloe started to talk about their stash of pot that he was forced to leave behind.

Cloe’s idea was that they could sneak back into the house and liberate their half pound of weed. Her argument was that it had been her money that had paid for it, and she demanded it back. That was what they were after tonight.

Caden lead Cloe through the living room into the hallway that led to the bedrooms. From his aunt, Caden learned that his mom would be out of town and the only one they would have to deal with would be Derrick. Caden knew that if Derrick had been drinking, he would be impossible to wake up. And since the young couple had watched him leave the bar that night, they knew that this was their best opportunity to get their stash back.

Caden entered his old bedroom looking around for the changes. There were none. Even though he had been gone for 3 months they hadn’t touched his room at all. That made Caden feel good.

As quietly as he could he opened the top drawer of his old dresser. Reaching toward the back, he tapped a compartment and the bag of weed fell into his hand. Pulling it out, drew Cloe over to smell it. Cloe, taking a deep breath in, was turned on by the scent.

“Let’s fuck,” Cloe whispered slithering up her boyfriend’s body.

“What are you, fuckin’ nuts?” Caden replied feeling her petite hand caress his crotch.

“It’d be hot,” she said pressing her breasts against her boyfriend’s firm manly chest.

Cloe knew that Caden couldn’t resist her breasts. All she ever had to do was get him to touch her perky, young C cups and he would bend to her will.

Cloe tip-toed up to Caden’s neck and kissed it. He did his best to resist her but dropping the bag onto the floor, he slipped his hand under her black tee shirt and onto her thin, soft back.

“I’m gonna make you wanna fuckin’ scream,” Cloe whispered moving him around and pushing him onto the creaky bed.

“Shhh!” Caden warned, trying to stop himself from bouncing. “If he fuckin’ wakes up, he’s gonna kill us.”

“You said ‘when he gets drunk he passes out’ so let’s have some fun.”

Caden looked up into Cloe’s narrow face and teethy grin. She was smokin’ hot. Her smooth feminine body was lean and tanned. Her tits stuck out of her chest like she had a boob job, and her pussy was always shaved.

Caden loved her twat.  When Caden saw her puffed pussy lips he could never get his cock into her fast enough. Pumping her like an animal the groans that she made would cause him to grab onto her young body in the way that would leave marks the next day; and Cloe loved every fucking minute of it.

Cloe whipped off her shirt and dangled her tear-shaped bare boobs above him. With him staring up she moved each nipple above his mouth causing him to have to reach up to take it between his lips. Cloe giggled at her boyfriend’s struggles.

Cloe pulled off Caden’s shirt and pushed her tapered fingers over his rippling chest. She thought of Caden’s body as creamer because every time she touched him, it made her want to cream.

Cloe tilted her head back. Feeling the need to swallow, she shifted her pussy to Caden’s well pronounced pelvic bone. She always found the muscles that sat on top of it the sexiest part of his creamer body. And when she pressed her swelling pussy against it, she would always lose her mind. Once her mind was gone, she knew that she was capable of doing anything at all with him, and she loved it.

Cloe threw her lips onto Caden’s. Not waiting for his tongue she grabbed onto Caden’s hair and pulled it back. With his chin pointed up she shoved her little tongue into his mouth and pulled at his. Caden was helpless underneath her.

Grabbing his tongue with hers, she let her mind tumble with ecstasy until she couldn’t take any more. Wanting his pants off, she pulled away from her kiss and took hold of his jeans. Unbuttoning them she yanked them down allowing his thick, hard cock to pop out. Cloe had requested that he stop wearing underwear because she felt they slowed her down from getting what she wanted whenever she wanted it. He had relented.

Getting off of him, Cloe moved down to the end of the bed. Removing his shoes, she pulled off Caden’s pants and stared at her naked boy. Caden had cheekbones that seemed much sharper than his 19-years would indicate. He sported shoulder length dark brown hair and smooth face. But most of all she loved looking at his completely hairless body. It was like he was the best of both worlds. His hairlessness reminded her of a girl, but his muscular build and thick cock was definitely like that of a man.

Staring at him she could feel her pussy lips engulf the seam of her tight jeans. Moving her thin frame to the rhythm of the music in her head she danced for him. Waving her hips back and forth, she gently traced her breast with her fingers staring at her naked boy considering how to devour him. Caden’s hairless cock bounced with excitement.

 Knowing she could make him cream, she slipped her hands between her legs. Finding her clit protruding through the denim, she rubbed. Cloe became lightheaded from the sensation that rattled through her. Lost in the moment her eyes rolled back with pleasure.

Needing her pants off, she continued swiveling her hips to the imaginary music. Popping the snap, she slowly peeled down her jeans revealing her perfectly firm and fuckable hips. Sitting low on her hips were her panties. The red lace had always acted like an arrow for Caden pointing him to the cock sized space between her thighs. Seeing it tonight in the dark of his old bedroom Caden wanted to jump onto her immediately.

With her jeans off she climbed onto Caden’s athletic thighs. Stopping with her face just above her boyfriend’s twitching cock, she looked up at Caden.

 “You want me to suck you?” Cloe asked sending his young cock into a spasm that dripped pre-cum onto his stomach.

“Yeah,” he moaned.

“Good, ’cause I was gonna anyway,” Cloe taunted with a smile.

Turning back to Caden’s beautiful cock Cloe lowered her mouth before with a bang, the bedroom door burst open. Startled, Cloe threw herself off of Caden rolling as far away from the door as she could. Trapped against the wall she was joined by Caden’s naked body that pressed on hers.

“What the fuck?” Derrick shouted with his .45 pointed at the naked couple. Derrick allowed the recognition to work through his drunken mind. When it finally hit, he threw himself onto the bed, grabbed Caden by the throat and pressed the barrel onto his forehead.

“What the fuck are you doing here, huh? You lookin’ to die tonight?”

“No, please,” Caden squirmed. “Please don’t.”

“You think you could just break into here and fuck around like this was some god damn whore house?”

“Please, I just came to get my stuff. That’s all.”

“Is that why your cock’s hard?” Derrick briefly removed the gun from Caden’s forehead and smacked Caden’s stiff cock with the back of his hand.

As scared as Caden was, the touch of his daddy’s hand on his cock made his heart race.

“Please don’t hurt him. It was my idea,” Cloe said from behind Caden’s broad shoulders.

Derrick focused on the girl hidden behind his son. He recognized her. She was the hot girl that looked at him like she was a horny teenager whenever she came over. Derrick had noticed how she never wore bras, and when her nipples were hard, he had a hard time looking at anything else. Clothed, Derrick found her young, little body irresistible. With all of the flesh he saw tonight he could barely take his eyes off of her.

“Since you broke into my house, boy, maybe I should take it out on your girlfriend. Maybe I should whip out my cock and show her what a real cock looks like,” Derrick said staring at the nymph.

Expecting a response but not getting it, he turned back to his son and found him staring blankly.

“Or maybe, I should just blow your balls off. Is that any better?”

Derrick, still clutching Caden’s neck, lowered the cold steel to his boy’s dick. Focusing his drunken eyes on Caden’s creamy cock, he slowly brushed the cold barrel on his son’s thick shaft. Derrick liked touching Caden’s cock. He had thought about his boy’s cock many times. Those thoughts were the reason he convinced his wife to throw Caden out. Derrick found it hard to resist his son’s fit, hairless body, and throwing him out was the quickest way to end the temptation.

“You don’t have to,” Cloe said pulling herself from behind her boyfriend. She saw how intently Derrick was examining her nubile boyfriend and she now felt safe to speak up.

Derrick shifted his attention to Cloe whose bare breasts hung in front of him. “Maybe you should fuck me. It’ll show him, right?” she offered trying to hide her racing heartbeat.

Both men turned to Cloe and stared. Derrick felt his breath quicken in the presence of so much young firm naked flesh. And when he took a closer look at the young girl’s tiny areolas and pointy nipples, he let the heel of his hand rub his boy’s still hard cock.

Derrick took a closer look at the dark blond with the thick eyebrows. She was like a waif and he knew his nine inch cock would split her in half. Derrick loosened his grip on Caden’s neck. He needed his hand on bare flesh and the fact that Caden’s cock was still hard told him that his boy wasn’t going anywhere.

“Is that what you want, huh boy?” Derrick asked not taking his eyes off of the girl who again moved her body to the music in her head. “I see why you like her. You want me to ruin her for you, boy?”

Caden didn’t respond.

“Huh?” Derrick asked turning back to see Caden’s smooth chest quickly rising and falling underneath his finger tips. “You want me to show her how a man fucks?” Derrick asked examining Caden’s body again.

The boy was hot. His wide eyes and round face made Caden look like a life-sized doll and the doll’s gym hardened body glistened in the moonlight.

“I want you to show me,” Cloe responded.

Derrick again looked up at the naked pixie in front of him. She was too hot, and he was too drunk to resist. He was going to fuck this little girl until she begged for mercy.

Keeping the gun pointed at Caden’s balls he removed his hand from Caden’s strong chest and placed it on Cloe’s firm breast. Brushing it lightly with his finger tips Cloe felt her pussy become wet.

“But I want you to do something for me first,” Cloe suddenly interjected.

Derrick, who was leaning in to kiss her, stopped for a second and laughed. “Fuck you,” he spat dismissively.

With his lips almost on her, she pulled away. “Wait, I’m serious. I want you to do something for me first.”

Derrick grabbed Cloe’s small face. Hovering above her he knew he could snap her neck like one of the ducks he hunted. Looking down at the frail girl who started to shake in his hand, he knew that she knew it too.

“I’m serious,” the quivering nymph continued.

Derrick was impressed that even under his threats she didn’t budge. She was strong and he liked that. Curious as to what she could want, he let go of her face and lightly grabbed her chin. He admired her young delicate features. He imagined what her small mouth would look like around his huge cock.

“What do you want me to do before I fuck you?” Derrick asked in a way designed to make her even more scared.

Cloe gathered her strength again and took control. “You have to promise to do it for me though. Then afterwards you could do whatever you want to me.”

“I could do whatever I want now,” Derrick said with a knowing smile.

“Maybe,” Cloe admitted feeling her face flush with excitement. “But if you did what I ask, afterward I will let you fuck me, which means that you wouldn’t have to keep holding that gun.”

Derrick examined the girl’s red panties. He wanted to stick his finger between her pussy lips and feel the temperature of it. He did want to fuck her with both hands. “OK, I promise.”

“Whatever I say?” Cloe asked feeling the excitement build.

Derrick chuckled. “Yeah sure. Whatever you say.”

Cloe looked at Derrick wondering if she could count on his commitment. She decided she couldn’t.

“What I want you to do is…”

“Uh huh.”

“I want you to kiss… him,” Cloe said pointing at Caden.

Derrick’s face immediately became hot. He did his best not to look away in embarrassment but suddenly he felt like the naked nymph was staring into his soul. “Fuck you,” he spat.

“Maybe, but you have to kiss him first,” she said feeling powerful in that moment.

Derrick suddenly felt trapped. He looked down at his son who looked as surprised as he was. He scanned his hot naked body and swallowed. “Why don’t you kiss him?” Derrick asked.

“You first.”

Derrick’s eyes darted up to Cloe.

“What’s the matter?” Cloe asked. “If you kiss him I promise you that you won’t have to worry about putting down your gun. You want to fuck me with both hands, don’t you?”

Derrick stared silently at her.

“Then all you have to do is kiss him.”

Derrick’s heart raced. Having trouble controlling his breath he peered back at Caden’s luscious cock. It was still hard. Turning back to his boy’s eyes he spotted something in them that told him that this was what he wanted too.

Derrick, feeling a throbbing pressure in his jeans he’d never felt before, pointed the gun at the underbelly of Caden’s chin. Derrick noticed as his boy’s breathing raced and his young cock twitched with excitement. He continued to stare at his son’s thick meat until he knew what he was going to do.

Turning back to Caden’s face, he leaned in. Pushing the gun even harder onto his throat he placed his manly lips on his boy’s. Derrick found the feeling electric.

Derrick slowly opened his mouth. As soon as he did he felt Caden’s tongue push in. His boy wanted this kiss. And the way his tongue darted around his daddy’s mouth told Derrick that Caden would want his cock just as much.

Derrick removed the gun from his boy’s chin. He knew that Caden wanted him just as much as the girl did. So resting the gun on the floor near the bed Derrick took Caden’s round face in his hands.

With their tongues dancing in between them, Derrick pressed his bare chest against his son’s. Caden lying naked underneath moved his hands around his daddy’s body rubbing it over his rippling back. Wanting more he slipped his leg between Derrick’s and allowed his cock to rest on the side of his daddy’s leg.

Cloe, feeling the juices between her legs, slipped her hand onto Caden’s touching both her boyfriend and Derrick’s back. “My turn,” she whispered.

Without a moment of hesitation Derrick let go of Caden and clutched his large hands around the side of her tiny rib cage; his hand engulfed her. Pulling her to him, he brought their lips together and sunk his tongue into her mouth.

Cloe melted under Derrick’s strong touch. His full lips consumed her and his thick tongue dominated hers like Caden’s never had. She felt helpless under his grasp and needed to be conquered by him.

“Fuck me,” Cloe pulled away long enough to moan.

Derrick, without hesitation, pulled her small body from behind his son’s lifting her up like a child. Pulling her past Caden, he placed her on his son’s other side lining them up like a pair of matching dolls. Staring down at his selection Derrick barely knew where to begin. The decision was made for him when Cloe reached out her hand toward his pants.

“Let me,” she said wanting to remove his jeans.

Derrick straddled the girl with his knees underneath her arm pits and as quickly as she could she unbuttoned his pants. What popped out was a hard nine inch cock unlike anything she had ever seen. Her mouth watered as she stared at its thickness and after helping him to step out of his clothes she placed her petite hands around the monster and pulled it towards her mouth. Closing her eyes she breathed the cock in; it smelled like salty sex.

Derrick reached down and grabbed Cloe’s hair. Too weakened by her lust to resist, she parted her lips and allowed the monster cock to push onto her throat. It hit the back of her tiny mouth almost as soon as it entered and she worked her small tongue around the rim of his head.

Losing herself with ever breath, she was awakened when another hand touched hers. From the way it made her pussy convulse she knew it was Caden’s. And when she opened her eyes, she found her boyfriend’s pretty young face right next to hers.

Looking into Caden’s green eyes she knew what he wanted. So moving her hand to the base of Derrick’s thick stem, Caden leaned in sticking out his pointed tongue. When Caden tickled the shaft of his daddy’s long tool, Derrick threw his head back with desire.

With his free hand Derrick grabbed onto Caden’s hair and with both of the beautiful couple in his hands he knew that he immediately needed to fuck. So pushing both heads away he looked down at the two deciding where to start. Caden lay still, but Cloe twisted her legs on one another like her pussy was on fire. He turned his focus on her.