Connor looked across his bedroom at Eva when the front door of the house closed. He had been locked in his room all day with his girlfriend waiting for his stepdad, Tag, to leave.

“Now?” Eva asked leaning forward on the old grey lounger that Connor had dragged into his room.

“No wait.”

Connor got out of bed and approached the window. Standing three feet away, he glanced out waiting for Tag to enter the woods behind the house. Connor watched his shirtless stepdad get lost amongst the trees, then, after a moment, he watched him circle back out. Tag was always very clear that he didn’t want anyone following him and his circling back was his way to check to see if anyone had. He always said that bad things would happen to anyone that followed him. No one who knew him doubted it.

When Tag had moved into Connor’s mom’s house, he had the biggest arsenal of guns that Connor had ever seen. Tag would refer to himself as a survivalist, while others preferred the term paranoid. Connor hadn’t seen what the big deal was though. Tag’s explanation for his collection was that if the economy ever crashed completely, society would be next. He considered his guns the only thing that would keep him and his kin folk alive. That didn’t seem paranoid to Connor.

However, Connor’s mother disagreed. Whereas Tag was welcome in her house, his guns were not. So one day Tag packed up all of them and headed into the woods. Connor never saw them again.

That, however, was when Tag started his survivalist training. Mostly his training consisted of floor exercises, weights and running which shredded his body to one percent body fat. But one weekend every month Tag would disappear into the woods shirtless coming back Sunday night dirty, scratched up and exhausted.

Connor thought that there was something really hot about going one-on-one with nature. It was raw and manly. And when Connor would think about it at night and imagine Tag going through training exercises shirtless or even naked, he couldn’t help but jack off afterwards. Connor didn’t often think about men while holding onto his thick seven inch boy cock, but the thought of Tag naked, ruthlessly forging a battle against the elements, made his cock instantly hard.

Eva, Connor’s girlfriend, felt the same way without the undying respect. Eva thought Tag was hot because of the way he looked and because of his rawness. But she was also an opportunist and when Connor mentioned Tag’s stock pile of weapons, her first question was, “How much do you think they’re all worth?”

Eva was about 5’5” and very lean. Like Connor she was 19-years-old and also like Connor, she was dark haired and hot. Although Eva had a tiny waist and flat stomach, she also had perfect C-cup breasts that seemed too big for her small frame.

Eva’s Barbie build didn’t slow her down though. She wouldn’t quite be considered a tomboy, but she could be as aggressive as any of her male classmates. That’s how she landed Connor. Connor was the shy, hot boy from her class that all of the girls giggled over. Eva was the one that asked him out. Then on the way home from their first date Eva fucked him.

Eva was only too happy to share her conquest with the other girls at school. And when she caught the other girls whispering as she walked down the school halls, she would scrunch up her tiny pixie-like features and fight back the smile. Deep down she knew that she was the type of girl they all wished they could be, and she was right.

It was one day after sex when Connor brought up his new daddy’s guns. The number amazed her, because she knew how much one of them was worth. Eva had a cousin that had been saving up to buy a gun for a while. He had told Eva that they started around $600. After hearing about Tag’s cache, Eva went back to him and asked if he would pay $500 and not ask any questions. Since that extra hundred meant he would get it a month or two sooner, he was open to anything Eva could bring him.

“You want to make $250?” Eva asked Connor one night right before sex.

“Sure, what do you want me to do?” Connor asked jokingly before Eva pulled his descending head from her almost naked crotch.

“I’m serious. Do you know where your dad keeps his guns?” She asked getting right to the point. “Because if we can get any of them, I know someone who’ll buy it.”

Connor laughed. “Have you seen my dad? Do you really think it’s a good idea to steal from him?”

Eva locked her devilish eyes on her boyfriend. “If you do this, I’ll let you do things to me,” she said sliding her hand down her boyfriend’s rippling stomach wrapping her small, soft fingers around his comparatively huge cock.

“Like what?” Connor asked knowing what he wanted.

“What do you want to do to me?”

“You mean up the ass?” Connor asked too scared to move in case it made her change her mind.

When Eva felt his fully hard cock twitch in her hand, she knew she had him. Staring deep into his hazel eyes and pushing in slower on his lips, she could see the money.